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Achieving exceptional results for our clients lies at the heart of our services

Achieving exceptional results for our clients lies at the heart of our services. A thorough understanding of our clients’ business and the Life Sciences industry combined with proven communications tactics and expertise across a wide range of disciplines is what gives MC Services an edge and sets us apart as a European leader

in Investor Relations and Public Relations for Life Sciences companies across all sub-sectors. We are a dedicated, creative and trusted adviser to our clients, journalists and investors.

Corporate Communications &
Media Relations

Let us tell your story. Designing, implementing and effectively operating international Corporate Communications programs is part of the core expertise of MC Services.

Raising awareness, building reputation and meeting your key business, finance, and community stakeholders needs to be performed in a targeted and professional manner. The excellence of your Corporate Communications will define costs, time and risk of achieving your corporate and business goals. We are experts in every aspect of Corporate Communications and for all stages of corporate development – in good times and challenging times.

Our unrivalled network, careful planning, proper execution and strategic impact-driven media campaigns make us your go-to partner for Corporate Communications & Media Relations internationally.

Investor Relations

Investor Relations is an art. It requires a rare and broad set of skills, know-how, networks and, in today’s highly regulated environment, an in-depth knowledge of local and international regulations. A thorough understanding of the unwritten laws of the local and international investment communities and their diverse information needs is also critically important.

Our team of Investor Relations experts can advise you on every detail of Investor Relations and provides a unique opportunity to have immediate access to the necessary tools, skills and networks you need in Europe, the UK and the US.

A solid reputation and a clear value perception in the global capital markets, a strong network of buy-side and sell-side contacts, plus sophisticated Investment Banking support will provide you access to fresh capital and lower your financing costs.

Roadshows & Transactions

Meet investors and tell your story. Targeting the appropriate audience for the unique investment proposition of your Company will make or break your IR roadshows. We carefully select investors from our unparalleled network across Europe that will be interested in your particular story and will help you establish tools that will manage your relationships with stakeholders in order to make your IR efforts more efficient.

Money is hard to find. Raising capital through IPOs, secondary offerings or other equity financings requires a wide range of compliance and marketing efforts in order to achieve the desired valuation and, even more importantly, to minimize the many transaction risks. With our combined Life Sciences and investment banking expertise, we will help you design and market a consistent and attractive investment case through the entire transaction process.

MC Services AG is according to Section 2 (10) German Banking Act a Tied Agent of CapSolutions GmbH.

Product & Science PR

Marketing your products and the science behind them. MC Services advocates for your innovations and helps inform relevant stakeholders from the beginning to the end of your journey through development, regulatory approval and market launch. Strategically positioning your technology with an eye on both the competitive and regulatory landscapes is at the core of our expertise.

When starting commercialization activities, transferring awareness and reputation of your company to your products requires both a sound strategy and finely tuned, flexible implementation. We have experience in every aspect of Science and Product Communications and can be an effective partner through all stages of your product’s lifecycle: During clinical studies, MC Services is happy to provide medical writing and to further support you by identifying key opinion leaders. We help you to shape your market pre-approval and raise awareness among potential prescribers. Around the launch, our services also cover medical education, marketing and sales support, press events and media planning as well as preparation for issues management.

As you approach new stakeholders such as medical doctors, the medical trade press, regulatory authorities and patient representatives, MC Services brings experience in a broad range of both common and rare indications.

MCS@ – partnering up with the best in Life Sciences Communications

With the German Equity Forum or Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum, Europe’s largest independent capital markets meeting and BIO-Europe, Europe’s largest partnering conference, MC Services has chosen two of Europe’s main events in the Life Sciences sector with which to partner and to support. As long-term partners and sponsors our activities range from hosting the event press lounge to supporting clients and journalist not only beforehand but also onsite to achieve best results for all parties involved. Learn more about our services @EKF and @BIO-Europe.

MCS@ BIO-Europe

BIO-Europe – This “must-attend” event is Europe’s largest Life Sciences partnering conference. BIO-Europe’s world-class workshops, panels and exhibition, along with thousands of prescheduled one-on-one meetings, make this event an unrivaled forum for companies across the biotech value chain to meet and do business.


The German Equity Forum (Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum), organized by the Deutsche Börse, has become Europe’s largest independent capital markets meeting. As a matching platform, the forum successfully connects capital-seeking German and international companies of all industries as well as institutional investors, analysts and media.