MC Services: experts in corporate communications and investor relations
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MC Services is an international Corporate Communications and Investor Relations firm providing Life Sciences companies high-level consultancy, targeted services and support throughout Europe and beyond

Our Services


Designing, implementing and effectively operating international Corporate Communications programs is part of our core expertise.


Our trained senior Investor Relations specialists provide a unique opportunity to have immediate access to the necessary tools, skills and networks you need in Europe, the UK and the US.


We target the appropriate audience for the unique investment proposition of your Company and help raise capital through IPOs, secondary offerings or other equity financings.  


Right from its scientific beginnings, and all the way through regulatory approval and market launch we support the strategic positioning and marketing of your product – and the science behind it – to the relevant stakeholders.


MC Services Congratulates EBD Group for Its Valiant Decision to Convert BIO-Europe Spring® , March 23-27, into the Largest Digital Life Science Partnering Event.

MC Services looks forward to aiding BIO-Europe Spring as a committed Media Partner as they continue to support the worldwide life science sector in these times of pandemic COVID-19


BIO-Europe Spring, Europe’s largest springtime partnering conference for the life science industry, this year will be hosted entirely as a Digital Life Science Partnering Event and extended to five days. This decision has been taken in a move to lessen the risk of COVID-19 infection for all event participants and staff. Despite the difficult global situation and recent conference trends, EBD Group had dedicated its resources to setting up this alternative digital format enabling them to continue to host the successful partnering conference and support business within the life science industry.


Highlights from this year’s program include a live panel on Combating Coronavirus as well as panels on Sealing the Deal: Negotiation Dos and Don’ts, Microbiome Therapeutics, A Day in the Life of Experienced Dealmakers, Digital Health and much more.


As media partner, MC Services invites renowned journalists to attend the digital event. Additionally, we are providing reporters and participants with information on presenting companies and their executives as well as organizing meetings and interviews.

Our News