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Beyond Tumors

Two of our own, Dr Cora Kaiser, Consultant, and Shaun Brown, Executive Director, share their insights into the rapidly developing cancer therapies and how a tumor can be controlled by its own microenvironment:


About the authors:

Dr. Cora Kaiser – Consultant at MC Services

Cora has specialized in Corporate Communications and PR/IR since 2012. She combines this expertise with over five years of international experience in biomedical research. She is a trained biotechnologist and holds a PhD in Neuroimmunology from the Max Planck Institute.

Shaun Brown – Executive Director at MC Services

Shaun provides 20 years of experience writing on and advising companies in the Life Sciences space. He focuses on Public and Investor Relations, advising on all aspects of communications. Before this, he spent over eight years as a reporter, news editor and senior writer with BioCentury.